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Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Firm in The Netherlands

Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Firm in The Netherlands – Holland | Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague​ MD Lawyers International Law Firm Our Lawyers in the Netherlands (Holland) provide legal services in favor of foreign entities in all the dutch territory, as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Groningen, Maastricht and Haarlem. ​Our Dutch Law Firm, MD Lawyers International Law Firm, is based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam even though we operate in the whole Dutch territory thanking to our network of qualified attorneys. The Partners are Lawyer Massimo Dimarco and Lawyer Glenn Haulussy. Our professionals are used to provide assistance to foreign entities and they are English speaking Lawyers in The Netherlands. We provide litigation services and out of court legal services. Our meeting offices are set in the Business District in Amsterdam, located in Hogehilweg street n. 19 and in Rotterdam in Marten Meesweg street n. 8/10 Our Firm, operating in most of the EU countries, is divided in departments and any of them has a head specialized in the specific subject. In our team we have: Civil Lawyers in the Netherlands; Corporate Lawyers in the Netherlands; Criminal Lawyers in the Netherlands; Tax Lawyers in the Netherlands; Bankruptcy Lawyers in the Netherlands. ​Concerning the litigation in the Netherlands, our Attorneys are all qualified and experienced (until 30 years of experience) and they are entitled to represent the Client in any jurisdiction (civil, administrative and criminal). The court trial in the Netherlands are quite fast compared to many other European countries and, with a correct strategy and with a professional support, it is easier to achieve a positive result. Our Dutch lawyers belonging to the litigation department are mainly specialized in the following subjects: civil litigation; corporate litigation; enforcement of foreign rulings in the Netherlands; debt collection in the whole dutch territory; arbitrations (domestic and international); banking litigation; bankruptcy and insolvency; insurance litigation; wrongful termination of contracts; medical malpractice; agency and distributorship; Intellectual property; Real Estate litigation; Employment Law; Another important field of practice connected to litigation is the debt collection in the Netherlands. Our Dutch Lawyers are mainly involved in the recovery of amounts arising from unpaid invoices or European payment orders and, for every case, they evaluate the documentation and advise on the best action to take (if a litigation or a freezing order). After the end of the court trial, our Law Firm may assist the Client to start the enforcement in the Netherlands. Our Firm is connected to Bailiff in every dutch city and we are able to guide them through the correct procedure to start. We enforce local decisions, European decisions, European orders of payment or extra UE rulings. In case the enforcement is negative, our Bankruptcy Lawyers in The Netherlands will provide you the dued assistance in order to require the bankruptcy of the dutch insolvent debtor. In Holland both the individuals and the corporate entities may be declared bankrupt. The main requirement, according to the dutch jurisprudence, is that the debtor to be declared bankrupt must be insolvent and he must have at least two creditors which are not satisfied. About Corporate Law in the Netherlands, our Firm provides qualified legal assistance in drafting international contracts, mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale of shares of dutch companies, Joint Ventures, Due Diligences, tax advise and assistance in the shareholder meetings, board of directors and in any other topic moment of the life of a corporate entity. Our corporate law expertise includes also the possibility to set up a limited liability company in the Netherlands, offering the due advice to foreign subjects that are willing to expand their business in a dutch city. We can provide the registration of a B.V. company, a branch of the foreign company or representative office (for research and marketing purposes). The last main areas of practice of MD Lawyers International Law Firm are the Employment Law and the Intellectual Property Law in The Netherlands. Specifically, we provide the assistance in all the following areas of expertise: Corporate Law in the Netherlands: set up of limited liability companies (B.V.) in the Netherlands purchase and sale of shares of companies in the Netherlands mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands due diligence in the Netherlands set up of a branch or representative office in the Netherlands Contracts in the Netherlands: assistance, review and drafting of contract between foreign subjects and dutch entities agency contracts international agency contracts advising on real estates contracts drafting shares purchase agreements Litigation in the Netherlands: representation in litigation in front of all the Dutch Courts exequatur procedures (deliberation) against the dutch debtor enforcement of foreign rulings with Eu certificate (Annex I) enforcement of European Payment Orders (EPO) enforcement of foreign (EU) payment orders international arbitrations in the Netherlands against dutch entities litigation concerning the international sale of goods between foreign and dutch entities debt collection procedures in the Netherlands Intellectual Property in the Netherlands: Trademarks Patents Copyright Bankruptcy Law in the Netherlands: submission of claims in Bankruptcy procedures File for the bankruptcy of an insolvent debtor located in the Netherland Criminal Law in the Netherlands: white collars crimes assistance for scams and frauds Family Law in The Netherlands: divorces in the Netherlands alimonies and kids support Banking Law in the Netherlands: litigation against dutch banks damage compensations against dutch banks assistance in loan or leasing contracts made with a dutch bank assistance in cases of frozen accounts in the Netherlands Enforcements in The Netherlands: enforcement of national or EU rulings or payment orders enforcement on goods belonging to the dutch debtor enforcement on the bank accounts belonging to the dutch debtor enforcement on real estates belonging to the dutch debtor

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