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  • Why my post has been rejected?

    Your article may be rejected for a several reasons which are mentioned below.

    • Article title is fake, misleading or exaggerated.
    • Article have contains some restricted words, restricted images or article does not meet with our article policy.
    • Article featured image is irrelevant, fake, adult, vulgar or not related with your article topic.
  • What to do If someone copied my article?
  • How much time does it take to review pending articles?

    It will take approx 3 to 4 hours of time to get it reviewed by our editors team.

  • How can i see my post stats?

    To view your post stats :

    1.Visit Your Dashboard.

    2.Click on All Post Tab.

    Here you can view your post stats :

    • All Post -> All Articles

    1.Post Status
    2.Post Date
    3.Post Total Views
    4.Post Total Comments
    5.Post Total Likes

  • How to create a post on hindi19 platform?

    1.Visit Your Dashboard.

    2.Click on Add New Post Tab.

    Here you can create a post:


    1. Enter your article title.
    2. Enter your post content.
    3. Add images in your article.
    4. Select Article category .
    5. Separate tags with commas. Eg : tag 1, tag 2, tag 3,
    6. Add Thumbnail/cover image of your article.
    7. Submit your article for review or draft your article.
  • Can I write in multiple categories?
    Yes, absolutely! You can write multiple categories as well.
  • Article Revenue

  • Where I can see my earnings?

    Currently Hindi19 creators do not have this feature to see their earnings but we will try our best to bring this feature as soon as possible.

  • when i will get the payment?

    You will get your payment of previous month in between 1st to 10th Every month.

  • Account

  • How to create Account on Hindi 19 Platform?

    if you want to become the creator of Hindi 19 Platform.

    1.Visit this page Hindi19 Registration

    2. Add your profile picture

    3.Fill other information with your real name

    4.Fill short bio about your passion

    5.Enter new password

    6.Submit the application for review

  • Can I change my username or email?

    Once your account is created, you cannot change your username or email.

  • Can I change my display name?

    Once your account is created, you cannot change your display name.

  • What i have to do if I forgot the password?

    if you forgot your password so you can follow these steps to create your new password :

    1.Visit on login page click on “Forgot password”

    3. Enter your registered Username or Email and click on “Request Secret key”

    4.Check your email you will receive secret key from hindi19

    5.Enter that secret key and click on “Change your password”

    6. Now enter your new password.

  • Why my account application is rejected & how to fix it?

    Your account application has been rejected due to following reasons:

    1. Display Name (Name that contains an advertisement, mobile number, place, email ID, or meaningless names) will be rejected.
    2. Fake name or using any brand name.
    3. using Fake profile picture.
    4. Filling misleading information.
    How to fix it?
    If you have done any of these mistakes which mentioned above so please enter you correct information and submit your account application again.
  • Who can sign-up for Hindi19 platform?

    Hindi19 is the Best writing platform in India, it’s made for writers who have a passion for writing. If you have a passion for writing, then you can also become a part of the Hindi19 platform and earn good income along with fulfilling your Passion.