Awareness is essential to stay safe in the digital world

Online, there are many tempting discounts and freebies on various topics. Again something that goes viral may come up. Don’t click on anything without knowing or checking. Only awareness can keep us safe in the digital world.

Cyber ​​security expert Siam bin Shawkat said, ‘Before installing an app on a mobile phone, you must check what permissions the app is asking for and whether that permission is required to use the app or not. Must install apps from authentic sources, such as Play Store and App Store. And apart from the permissions, as far as possible, the terms and conditions of the app should also be observed. Many times we “agree” without reading the large print conditions.’

Siam said, mobile phones have some security features, they should be kept open and good quality antivirus software should be used. Above all, be aware at every moment.

If your account is hacked

What if you go to your social media account and find that your own access has been blocked by cybercriminals or hackers?

If all the information, photos, camera and microphone control of your mobile phone goes to the hands of hackers? Anyone can face such a situation.

What to do, if you ever turn on the office or home computer and see that all the important files and data have gone under the control of hackers and they have made them unusable? Again demanding large sums of money in return for information?

All this can happen to you or me.

Cyber ​​security researcher Ryan Malik said that to stay safe on the Internet, some things must be observed, such as not installing cracked software on computers or mobile phones. Do not install software without authentic sources. Using up-to-date versions of good quality antivirus software and keeping the security features of the operating system active. Be aware before downloading anything.

Data on digital devices should be backed up as much as possible, so that if a hacker makes the data unusable, the damage will be minimized. There are many places on the Internet that have various traps for hackers, so one must tread carefully in the digital world.

Ways to stay safe in the digital world

  • Keeping backup of important information or data. So that stored data can be recovered in case of ransomware attack.
  • Do not use cracked software.
  • Always update the operating system, antivirus and all software of the device.
  • Do not open spam mails from unknown sources. Also check the e-mail address of the new mails.
  • Do not visit pornography websites.
  • Real time protection and access control services of antivirus are kept active at all times.
  • System protection must be turned on for every drive, including the C:/ drive.
  • The ransomware infected device should be isolated from the network to prevent it from spreading to other devices through the local network.
  • Public Wi-Fi networks should not be used, if necessary, use VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Use firewall, file and mail server scanners for organizations.
  • Any USB device cannot be connected to the computer. To do this, it must be scanned to see if there is a virus or not.
  • Advertisements cannot be entered without verification.
  • Passwords and important information cannot be shared or exchanged digitally.

Above all, by being aware of yourself and making others aware, you can stay safe from any kind of cyber risk.

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