Thor: Love and Thunder reminds us that a Marvel movie has to be fun

In addition to the more comfortable and laid-back Chris Hemsworth, there’s Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor and Christian Bale as the Butcher of Gods.

Directed by Taiki Waititi (the former God of Thunder, Thor: Ragnarok , and winner of the Oscar for best original screenplay for Jojo Rabbit ), it was clear that, if he himself was also in charge of co-writing the script for Love and Thunder, he would to combine comedy with action and adventure.

Add to the cocktail the presence of a Chris Hemsworth who is as comfortable and seems as relaxed playing one of Marvel’s superheroes as no other, and the return of Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman ), the love of the life of the long-haired blonde and blue eyes, and well, it’s all set.

Everything ready, everything prepared, as the protagonist himself says, for “a classic Thor adventure”.

Ah, the villain was missing, which in Christian Bale’s viscous, cut and black-and-white skin is the most perfect balance.

Because Thor: Love and Thunder , as we said at the beginning, gives us something that some Marvel productions, not that they had left aside, but let’s say that they had been more concerned with the fabric, the Multiverse, than with providing an action and full-fledged laughter.

Laughs did we say? Thor starts the movie with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and if there is any group of Marvel characters who are more for comedy than them, let me know. But later, when Gorr or the Butcher of the Gods (Bale) begins precisely to eliminate the deities as revenge for the death of his little daughter, and takes the necrosword, then Thor will have to see them seriously.

We mentioned the death of Gorr’s little daughter. Like no other Marvel movie, death is so tangible and real. Yes, in all the Marvel movies dozens and dozens of secondary characters die and some other weighty ones. But here, death is closer and more real than ever. The one about the little girl and the risk of death that Jane faces.

Because Jane (not Jane Fonda or Jodie Foster: Jane Foster) is facing cancer and she doesn’t have much to smile about. Until she picks up a book about Viking myths, she opens right, but right where she says that Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir gives vigor and good health, because she has cosmic powers. But he was devastated, do you remember, right? Or what kind of Marvel fans are they?

And Jane goes for it, gets off chemo (Jane is Stage 4…of 4), and…

It’s not little.

Telling more about the plot doesn’t make sense, it’s better to enter the room and enjoy the movie, which has several cameos, plenty of gags, some  Mad Max -style scenes , music and references to Guns N’ Roses, an Abba theme , silver-eyed Thor leaping with the Stormbreaker axe, and Russell Crowe as a chubby Zeus. And that he falls short of the deity.

The scene where he undresses Thor, well, it’s topped off by Waititi’s humor.

It is obvious that we must be attentive to the New Zealand director, who does not stop working and who has already warned that the next Star Wars , which Lucasfilm entrusted to him, will be very different and that it will not have any character with the surname Skywalker in its plot.

Of course there are, not one but two post-credits scenes. Still, the film is not one of Marvel’s long ones, and it does not reach two hours.

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